Why a private customized motorcycle tour may be for you.

Over the decades, we’ve mastered the creation and fulfillment of the private customized motorcycle tour. Each season MotoDiscovery crafts uniquely designed touring experiences to facilitate anywhere from a single rider to groups of a dozen or more travelers. It is so popular that for many, these private touring events have become annual happenings.  It’s something we take a lot of pride in. We don’t mind saying, we’re really good at it.

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What makes MotoDiscovery your choice for a private customized motorcycle tour? Experience. Worldwide contacts and resources. Attention to service. But most of all imagination! Working with you in building the perfect riding event is a true collaboration.

But why would you want to consider a tour uniquely designed just for you and your friends? There are a number of reasons.

You know exactly what you want and you can’t find it in our program.

This is often the case.  It could be that after you look over our website, there is a destination, a concept or a style that doesn’t check all the boxes. Maybe you and your friends have a special interest. That could fall anywhere from cuisine to car collections, castles to classical music! Just tell us what you like. Wrapping a motorcycle tour around such interests always makes for a more dynamic travel experience.

The MotoDiscovery tour offerings are great, but I don’t see a date that works for me?

So you have a group of friends that have locked on to a tour in the MotoDiscovery line up, but the dates don’t work and you’d like the tour to be a few days longer, or even shorter. This is where we design the tour to meet your needs. A customized motorcycle tour is just that, and it starts with knowing when it is best for you to travel and the duration of your choice.

You have an epic adventure in mind, it is filled with logistical challenges and a lot of unknowns. The project is beyond your expertise and knowledge.

This is where over four decades of experience comes in. Our resources are global, our travels amount to millions of collective miles in sometimes the most exotic of locations. From the daunting process of ocean or air freighting motorcycles to distant border crossings where the person with a rubber stamp rules supreme, these are exactly the situations and environments we have come to function best in.

Question. How much does it cost?

Each private customized motorcycle tour is created just for you. The ultimate price may not be substantially more than our regularly offered tours, and sometimes it can even be less. The number of people in your party certainly is a big factor. The more you have, the better the value. And should you wish to elevate the style with additional luxury amenities, you’ll appreciate our concierge approach to creating the perfect travel experience. MotoDiscovery is not a “budget” operator so we are accustomed to seeking the best, no matter what.

If you see a custom motorcycle tour in your future for you, your friends, business or family, contact MotoDiscovery for consultation and a written proposal, or start by filling out this simple questionnaire.   Custom Tours – MotoDiscovery

We look forward to sharing the road with you soon.

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