South America Explorer MEGA-Tour

Ride your personal motorcycle on a MotoDiscovery South America MEGA-tour.

Tour difficulty

Mega Adventure – This category of MotoDiscovery motorcycle tour is likely to involve at least some unpaved surfaces that can be navigated easily by cars and other vehicles. Dual purpose (on-off road) motorcycles are most suitable for this environment and having prior off road riding experience is suggested. No single track.
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Jan 12 – Mar 13, 2025
Jan 12 – Mar 13, 2026


Based on 12 riders 28,879 USD Note that Rider Price will ultimately be determined by number of participants


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About this tour

This adventure travels the full length of the South American continent, through six countries with an array of cultural, historical and natural highlights.

The special nature of this MotoDiscovery MEGA-Tour requires participants to have both on and off-road riding skill and, possess reasonable physicality and sound health. You will be riding your own personal motorcycle with MotoDiscovery managing the complex ocean freighting logistics to and from South America. While the route is not necessarily technical in nature, expect unpaved surfaces as we explore a number of exciting highlights. The ride travels the full length of the continent through six countries with an array of cultural, historical and natural highlights. The need for teamwork and an especially spirited attitude has us labeling this ADVENTURE+.

The ride is suitable for a passenger however to be clear; this should not be your pillion rider’s first introduction to the world of adventure motorcycling. You may wish to consider having your favorite passenger join you for a portion of the tour. Contact MotoDiscovery to discuss that possibility, offer consultation on an itinerary and to quote a price for a partial passenger participation.

This tour demands a high level of preparation and advance planning. We strongly urge you to network within your riding circles and friends to have others join you. Even one year prior to tour date is not too soon. Sign up today for this incredibly immersive South America touring experience.

NOTE: This tour will have a unique Trip Cancellation Policy due to the required advance obligations with suppliers. Trip Interruption Insurance is strongly recommended.

The Andes. You are never far from the longest continental mountain range in the world, stretching well over 5,000 miles and up to 400 miles at its widest point. Offering riding excitement, thin air high altitude explorations and stunning panoramas, each day will be a new discovery

The driest nonpolar desert in the world the Atacama stretches 1,000 miles along the Pacific Ocean through southern Peru and Chile. The towering dunes are a spectacular sight as you ride the coastline.

A Bolivia highlight on this South America motorcycle adventure is the Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flats. We’ll overnight in a hotel made from salt blocks. There is nothing like this in the world

If not on your bucket list, it should be. This Peruvian Inca city located on, and among, towering pinnacle peaks, Machu Picchu stirs a long list of questions and mysteries. We’ll access it via a train ride through the broad Sacred Valley, its steep hillsides terraced as they have been for thousands of years, the labor of ancient peoples.

Colca Canyon of southern Peru is one of the world’s deepest, at points in excess of 6,000 ft. It is this dynamic that provides the perfect conditions to also be the Kingdom of the mighty condor. Thermals provide the lift where each morning these creatures with wingspans up to 13 feet, soar and circle to great heights.

Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world (12,507 ft). It shares the border between Peru and Bolivia and has long been home and sustenance for ancient native peoples.

Cartagena, Colombia is where your journey will officially begin. It is to this Spanish Colonial city where we will ocean freight your motorcycles from the USA. A pleasant and fun place to kick off the MotoDiscovery South America Explorer motorcycle adventure, we’ll have time to walk its cobblestone streets and along its seaside fortress walls.

Wildlife encounters will eventually become frequent with Llama, Guanaco, foxes, the ostrich-like Nandu, assorted birdlife such as flamingos and condors, penguins and if lucky maybe even a sighting of a puma!

The Carretera Austral is one of South Americas nicest riding roads. Where the Panamerican highway officially terminates, this southern Chile road winds and twists along scenic fjords with sights of the Andes and glaciers. It is mostly paved with an occasional stretch of well-maintained gravel.

It is an institution of pampa life, the Argentina Estancia, working ranches, and in a couple of instances, where we will be guests for the night. Count on the traditional asado, open air slow cooking of lamb, of course complimented by Malbec red wine, another source of Argentina pride

This image will make your long ride down the length of the continent, worthwhile. Torres del Paine is actually a National Park in Chile’s southern Patagonia; jagged towering peaks are mirrored in glacial blue lakes with the occasional iceberg. The weather conditions here change in an instant, the views ever changing making for a couple days of enjoyable riding on lightly traveled gravel roads.

The Glacier Perito Moreno located near the southern Patagonia outpost city of El Calafate, runs twenty miles through a mountain valley, its mass represents the third largest reserve of fresh water. The calving of tons of ice is constant thunderous release of energy, crashing into the blue waters.

The legendary MotoDiscovery service and style is indeed a highlight. We were early pioneers introducing the concept of “mega-tours”, truly immersive long duration and long-distance motorcycle riding.  You can count on great support, the most competent, fun and experienced staff in the field as well as our team in the USA. The experience begins many months before you even begin your ride. Facilitating the ocean freighting of your personal bike is a great service by itself.  Extensive preparations are involved, MotoDiscovery is there from the start.

What’s included

  • 61 nights’ accommodations (double occupancy)
  • 32 dinners, all breakfasts with occasional lunch
  • all fees related to customs clearances, ocean freight from Houston, Texas to South
  • America round trip for your motorcycle
  • bilingual riding staff
  • support vehicle and bilingual tour staff
  • Machu Picchu train excursion, entrances and other related fees entrances to the Perito Moreno glacier
  • entrances to Torres del Paine National Park
  • ferry fees to and from the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego
  • parking fees as required
  • pre-tour Information Booklet (digital)
  • MotoDiscovery apparel gift
  • map package, assorted GPS data
  • numerous activities, tours and cultural events

What’s not included

  • flights to and from South America
  • motorcycle transportation to and from USA port
  • alcoholic beverages
  • tips for staff and any requested special services
  • trip cancellation/interruption insurance
  • motorcycle fuel
  • emergency med-evac insurance (mandatory)
  • trip interruption insurance (strongly recommended)
  • any required liability third party insurance
  • border fees
  • any inclusions not specified.


Inquire about Rentals
Based on 12 or more riders
28,879 USD
Based on 10-11 riders
31,895 USD
Based on 8-9 riders
34,235 USD
21,450 USD
Single occupancy supplement
Deposit per person
3,000 USD

All rooms are shared, double occupancy. If you request to not share a room the single occupancy supplement applies. If we are unable to find a roommate for you, the single supplement will apply. No exception.

* NOTE:  Final price is determined by number of participants and subject to change.  Special Cancellation and Refund conditions will apply.


Day 0: Cartagena, COL / Arrival Date

Day 1:  Working on customs for bike return

Day 2:  Cartagena,

Day 3:  Cartagena

Day 4:  Caucasia

Day 5:  Medellín

Day 6:  Honda

Day 7:  Armenia

Day 8:  Popayan

Day 9:  Pasto

Day 10: Quito, ECU

Day 11: Quito

Day 12: Puyo

Day 13: Cuenca

Day 14: Tumbes, PER

Day 15: Chiclayo

Day 16: Chimbote

Day 17: Lima

Day 18: Lima

Day 19: Nazca

Day 20: Chalhuanca

Day 21: Urubamba

Day 22: Urubamba

Day 23: Cusco

Day 24: Chivay

Day 25: Arequipa

Day 26: Puno

Day 27: La Paz, BOL

Day 28: La Paz, BOL

Day 29: Oruro

Day 30: Salar de Uyuni

Day 31: Ollagüe, CH

Day 32: San Pedro de Atacama

Day 33: San Pedro de Atacama

Day 34: Purmamarca, ARG

Day 35: Cachi

Day 36: Belen

Day 37: Villa Union

Day 38: Barreal

Day 39: Mendoza

Day 40: Mendoza

Day 41:  Malarque

Day 42: Chos Malal

Day 43: San Martin de los Andes

Day 44: Bariloche

Day 45: Esquel

Day 46: Puyuhuapi, CH

Day 47: Coyhaique

Day 48: Rio Mayo, ARG

Day 49: Estancia Angostura

Day 50: El Calafate

Day 51: El Calafate

Day 52: Puerto Natales, CH

Day 53: Puerto Natales

Day 54: Cerro Sombrero

Day 55: Ushuaia, ARG

Day 56: Ushuaia

Day 57: Estancia Caleta Josefina, CH

Day 58: Punta Arenas

Day 59: Punta Arenas

Day 60: Punta Arenas

Day 61: Departure Date


We categorize this tour as ADVENTURE+, however road conditions are not necessarily challenging for an experienced touring enthusiast with off road experience and acceptable physicality. Expect a mix of paved roads of varying condition with off road segments consisting mostly improved gravel. Unpaved surfaces represent only less than 15% of the entire route. We recommend rider training such as the popular MotoDiscovery Moab Immersion Training Tour.

Yes, however this should not be your pillion rider’s first adventure touring experience. The duration of the South American Explorer, for some, can be a test. There is a higher level of unpredictability due to the duration as well as the great distance covered. For the spirited, experienced and willing passenger, this can be a remarkable experience to share with your partner.

Yes. We encourage this as we understand that this is a long time to be away. We will consult with you on where and how your partner can join us, seeking a segment of the tour that offers the best flight services and special highlights. Call us! This is a common request and we gladly will facilitate your needs.

Yes. MotoDiscovery manages the complete process of ocean freighting from start to finish. We can provide a rental as well. Inquire about that option.

Certainly one that you are comfortable with. Bigger is not necessarily better and you should have the experience, skills and physicality to manage whatever bike you choose. It should be of the “adventure” variety, reliable, expertly prepared with attention to details that we will outline for you in the pre-tour information. Preparing your motorcycle is the “foreplay” of a great adventure. It’s fun. It’s important. Contact us for consultation if you have any questions.

The South America Explorer runs a longitude beginning roughly at the equator and travels the length of the continent. You’ll be riding through a number of climate zones and seasons. The timing of this tour is designed to minimize exposure to the rain season regions while avoiding dramatic temperature extremes. You’ll be provided greater weather detail in our comprehensive pre-tour information.

A long day would be 300 miles and only in favorable conditions. The itinerary is carefully designed with multiple two day stops. On average, a riding day will be around 200-250 miles per day. Some more. Some less. And before you claim that these are “short” days, keep in mind that conditions in developing countries do not lend to high mileage days.

The South America Explorer MEGA-Tour travels through six countries. None of these regions are experiencing any degree of turmoil or unrest that would compromise your safety. Traveling in an unfamiliar area where cultures, customs and societies are different from your own, can be a challenge for some. Risks associated with this kind of travel are to be expected. Motorcycling does have its inherent dangers. We would consider this a safe tour under the circumstances.

For all international tours we recommend that everyone take advantage of the State Department’s Smart Travellers Program. The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) is a free service to allow U.S. citizens and nationals traveling and living abroad to enroll their trip with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. Click the link below to enroll.

We will not include every dinner however dining, in general, is of the highest quality. Exceptional dining is an important component of the MotoDiscovery experience. “Open menu” allows you the choice of meal selection. We include an occasional lunch and breakfasts are always included. We do not include alcoholic beverages. You will not be disappointed, we promise!

MotoDiscovery is NOT a budget tour operator. Quality lodging is essential, and where available you will find our selections to be superb, seeking style, authenticity, service, security and access to points of interest as our guide to finding a great place to lay your head each night. Be aware that the nature of this event may force us to stay in a place below our usual high standards, however this is rare and to be accepted as part of this unique adventure.

Yes however we will need the minimum participation of eight for this to be included.

The expectation is that you will carry your own luggage. We will transport a limited amount of your personal gear, providing you a duffel bag. If it fits in the bag, we’ll carry it. If not you will be responsible for carrying it on your motorcycle.

NOW. While this tour is scheduled many months from now, the actual process begins many months earlier. Preparation of your motorcycle is a big part of planning. Your motorcycle has to be at the port from six weeks to two months prior to the actual tour date. For us, securing the best hotels and services and the tremendous logistics is a vital process that can start a year out from the tour. Please talk this up with your friends and make your commitment as soon as possible

Definitely. Private customized tours are a MotoDiscovery specialty. We craft the tour to meet your scheduling needs, align the style and character with your preferences, and can include special highlights and interests that may be important to you. Contact us for details or go to this Custom Motorcycle Tour Questionnaire and we can begin the journey!

Don’t take our word for it

Thanks a million for just a wonderful week in Chihuahua. Your guidance, suggestions, stories with insight into local life were all amazing. Thanks for your patience and your ability to organize such an event. MotoDiscovery is easy to recommend after such an experience. Thanks again…
- Ron W., Victoria, B.C.


By requesting a booking, you’ll be able to reserve your spot on this tour. Closer to the tour date you will receive an email with payment information and you will be able to make a deposit or pay the entire balance. Your tour’s go/no-go decision depends on reaching the minimum number of riders. We’ll let you know once confirmed. Minimums vary by destination. In the event a tour is cancelled due to not meeting minimums, a refund will be provided. Alternatively, riders may opt to transfer their deposit to another available tour, if applicable.

To avoid potential changes and rebooking complications, we kindly request you hold off on booking flights and other non-refundable tour arrangements until we finalize the tour’s go/no-go decision.

Domestic tour go/no-go decisions are made no later than 30 days prior to departure date. International tours: 45 days prior.


If you would like to customize this itinerary and create a Tailor Made Journey just for you and your companions, we will be happy to help. Click here to inquire, or call us to speak to our travel professionals.

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