Baja & Canyons Mexico Road Tour

Paved all the way, this is a great winter motorcycling escape. Ride Mexico!

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Road Tour – for experienced road touring enthusiasts, suitable for any style motorcycle and is routed on paved roads throughout.
Road Tour
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Feb 22 - Mar 09, 2025


Rider on personal motorcycle $7,995 USD


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About this tour

Our adventure begins on the Baja Peninsula, a land of cactus-studded deserts, endless coastlines, and charming fishing villages. Cruise along the Pacific Ocean, feeling the salty spray on your face and the sun warming your back. We will then take a ferry over to the mainland and into the spectacular Copper Canyon region of Mexico’s northern Sierra Madre Mountains. Superb sporting mountain paved roads lead to an unforgettable network of canyons. Dive into this culturally rich and historically fascinating region of Old Mexico.

Feb 22 – Mar 09, 2025

This tour is designed to enable you to ride your personal motorcycle. The “adventure” styled touring motorcycle is ideal in this environment however roads are paved all the way making it acceptable for any motorcycle in the hands of an experience touring enthusiast. One should expect, especially in canyon and mountainous country, occasional unpaved segments due to road construction. We categorize this tour as LIGHT ADVENTURE. This motorcycle tour begins in San Diego, CA riding down the length of the Baja Peninsula, sailing across the Sea of Cortez to the mainland via an overnight ferry. The riding on this newly designed Mexico tour is exceptional. Combining this with rich cultural highlights, stylish accommodations, fun dining and seamless services, this is a motorcycling holiday worthy of sharing with your favorite riding partner and motorcycling friends. Please sign up early as this tour is limited to 10 motorcycles.

  • Mexico. If there is a road-worth riding in this country, we’ve probably done it. Our old brand name, Pancho Villa Moto-Tours says it all; when it comes to motorcycle touring in Mexico, no one does it better than MotoDiscovery.
  • The Baja vibe. There is no place like it. Often barren, sparsely populated and at times unforgiving, yet it is Mexico from top to bottom.
  • This is a PREMIUM quality event, on paved roads throughout. Exciting culture and history, incredible dining, superb accommodations, idyllic beaches, and of course excellent riding. Our service is genuine and legendary. This will be a holiday to remember.
  • The overnight ferry is our means of getting over to mainland Mexico. We’ll make the best of it with cabins for the riders and managing all the logistics and reservations.
  • MotoDiscovery is famous for sitting at the world’s tables of fine dining and haute cuisine. Open menu a la carte dining is another element of the MotoDiscovery premium tour experience. But the Baja & Canyons Road Tour wins in another category. Street food explorations have brought us praise, especially on the Baja in pursuit is for the best fish or lobster tacos. Unforgettable!
  • The Copper Canyon region. One cannot appreciate this 25,000 square mile section of the Sierra Madres without being aware of its inhabitants. Among the mestizo population (blend of European and native indigenous peoples) are the Tarahumara Indians. Many still live in caves and dress in their native attire. The Copper Canyon region has been their natural fortress for centuries, struggling to hold back the outside world. These migratory tribal peoples are known worldwide for their endurance running skills. Consider any encounter to be a special experience.
  • Each winter, from the Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska, nearly 25,000 Grey whales migrate over 10,000 miles round trip to the rich feeding grounds off the Pacific coast bays along the Baja Peninsula. In season, we include an exciting excursion to interact, up close, with these mammals that can weigh up to 41 tons and reach a length of 51 feet. Petting these friendly and engaging creatures is a highlight of this tour.
  • Espinazo del Diablo, the Devil’s Backbone. This is in the top five of Mexico’s motorcycle roads, rising from the Pacific Coast near Mazatlan, you’ll twist through lush tropics, peaking out at 8,000 ft. elevation in the pine forests and canyons of the Sierra Madres, ending the day in Durango.  The Baluarte Bridge inaugurated in 2014, is the third highest cable stay bridge in the world, sitting at 1,766 ft. above the canyon floor. Riding the Devil’s Backbone is an iconic touring experience.
  • The dramatic decent into the depths of Batopilas Canyon to the village bearing the same name, will likely become one your most memorable riding experiences. A drop of 5,000 feet in less than five miles. Along the gentle flowing river the tiny town will be a step back in time. We have two nights planned here

What’s included

  • 15 nights’ accommodations (double occupancy)
  • 12 dinners, all breakfasts, occasional lunch
  • Experienced bilingual staff team
  • Support, luggage vehicle and staff driver assistant
  • Cabins and transport of motorcycle Baja Ferry
  • Entrance to Copper Canyon Adventure Park
  • Baja Whale Watch excursion (in season)
  • Tour map and GPS waypoints
  • Pre-tour information e-booklet
  • MotoDiscovery apparel gift

What’s not included

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Airfare
  • Motorcycle rental (available)
  • Fuel
  • Emergency evacuation insurance (mandatory)
  • Trip Interruption Insurance (recommended)
  • Mexico motorcycle insurance
  • Border crossing fees
  • Tips for staff or special requested services
  • Inclusions other than those specified


Rider on personal bike
7,995 USD
5,729 USD
Single occupancy supplement
1,650 USD
Tour deposit per person
1,000 USD

All rooms are shared, double occupancy. If you request to not share a room the single occupancy supplement applies. If we are unable to find a roommate for you, the single supplement will apply. No exception.


Day 1: San Diego, California

Day 2: Ensenada, Mexico

Day 3: Cataviña

Day 4: Guerrero Negro

Day 5: Loreto

Day 6: Los Barriles

Day 7: Los Barriles

Day 8: Overnight ferry

Day 9: Mazatlan

Day 10: Durango

Day 11: Hidalgo de Parral

Day 12: Batopilas

Day 13: Copper Canyon Rim

Day 14: Creel

Day 15: Nuevo Casas Grandes

Day 16: Exit Douglas, AZ


Yes! You will want to share this experience with your riding partner. Roads are paved all the way. The services, quality of accommodations and uniqueness of the Baja Peninsula and the Copper Canyon region makes this a romantic riding holiday.

Expect road conditions to be of varying quality of paved surfaces. From open multilane toll highways to narrow country roads and mountainous curves. The “adventure” styled touring motorcycle is ideal in this environment however any touring motorcycle or sidecar is suitable for this tour.

As with any MotoDiscovery tour, count on the service to be the best. This event is limited to 10 motorcycles although The Baja & Canyons Mexico Road Tour traditionally runs smaller permitting a more relaxed pace and intimate touring experience.

MotoDiscovery travels during what we consider to be optimum riding season. Altitudes range from sea level to high deserts and the mountains of the Sierra Madres reaching 8,000 feet. Temperatures can range from cool mornings with warming through the day. Weather updates with temperature ranges are provided in a MotoDiscovery e-mail Communique right before the tour.

Know that we consider your safety a priority. Over 30 million travelers come to Mexico on average each year. While we consider the safety question to be overblown, we still take it seriously and recognize that there are territorial criminal elements engaged in drug related activity in many parts of Mexico. These elements are not known to bother tourists as this only brings unwanted attention upon them. It is a strange coexistence. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns knowing that at anytime, anywhere, we feel your security is compromised, we will be honest and respond accordingly.

For all international tours we recommend you take advantage of the State Department’s Smart Travellers Program. The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) is a free service to allow U.S. citizens and nationals traveling and living abroad to enroll their trip with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. Click the link below to enroll.

No worries. We have native speakers on all of our tours in Mexico. Many people in Mexico speak English. We encourage you to learn a few words and we will gladly provide some lessons along the way if you wish!

A passport is required on entering the country. A tourist permit will be obtained at the border. No advance visas are required for USA and Canadian citizens. Other nationalities, please confirm visa requirements for Mexico travel. For motorcycle temporary importation, an ORIGINAL registration, drivers license and a credit card are also needed. We will go into more detail in pre-tour Communiques.

This tour is ideally suited for bringing your personal motorcycle. MotoDiscovery will inform you of reasonable Mexico insurance options and the required documents for your temporary importation. Rentals also may available. Contact MotoDiscovery for specifics.

The Baja & Canyons Mexico Road Tour is a great model for us to build you a private and customized touring experience, just for you and your friends. Contact MotoDiscovery or complete this Custom Tour Questionnaire Form to begin planning your next riding adventure.

Tour preparation is important. You will receive electronically a comprehensive tour booklet that will address all your questions. You are encouraged to call or send us an email at any time if you have additional questions. We welcome your inquiries.

Now. Please. Early signups are essential in order that we can secure the best of accommodations and services. Do you have friends who share your interest in an exciting Mexico tour? Spread the word! Call on us if you have any questions.

Don’t take our word for it

.thanks again for another fantastic experience. As always, you and your team really went out of your way to take care of our little private group. Getting us to Antarctica at the last minute was a miracle that I think only MotoDiscovery could have accomplished….we’ll see you next year!”
- Tom F., Demoine, IA


By requesting a booking, you’ll be able to reserve your spot on this tour. Closer to the tour date you will receive an email with payment information and you will be able to make a deposit or pay the entire balance. Your tour’s go/no-go decision depends on reaching the minimum number of riders. We’ll let you know once confirmed. Minimums vary by destination. In the event a tour is cancelled due to not meeting minimums, a refund will be provided. Alternatively, riders may opt to transfer their deposit to another available tour, if applicable.

To avoid potential changes and rebooking complications, we kindly request you hold off on booking flights and other non-refundable tour arrangements until we finalize the tour’s go/no-go decision.

Domestic tour go/no-go decisions are made no later than 30 days prior to departure date. International tours: 45 days prior.


If you would like to customize this itinerary and create a Tailor Made Journey just for you and your companions, we will be happy to help. Click here to inquire, or call us to speak to our travel professionals.

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