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Our thriving global community has journeyed with us across continents and cherished the experiences we've curated. While we could go on about the memories we create, we believe their words speak volumes. Dive in below to hear directly from them.

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The combination of 2 days of instruction followed by 3 days of cross country riding was invaluable. Instruction only wouldn't have had the same impact. Yesterday I rode 37 miles of dirt, every inch of it standing up. Prior to this experience, I hadn't ridden 100 ft standing up. Those 5 days of training and riding made all the difference.

- Jim S., Northfield, IL

cross country riding was invaluable
cross country riding was invaluable
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Thanks a million for just a wonderful week in Chihuahua. Your guidance, suggestions, stories with insight into local life were all amazing. Thanks for your patience and your ability to organize such an event. MotoDiscovery is easy to recommend after such an experience. Thanks again…

Ron W., Victoria, B.C.

.thanks again for another fantastic experience. As always, you and your team really went out of your way to take care of our little private group. Getting us to Antarctica at the last minute was a miracle that I think only MotoDiscovery could have accomplished….we’ll see you next year!”

Tom F., Demoine, IA

We’re starting to lose count how many tours we’ve traveled with MotoDiscovery. There’s a reason we keep coming back. You guys are fantastic! Thanks for the wonderful Day of the Dead tour. Where are we going next?

Kevin & Karen W., Wellington, FL USA

Every trip I have done with MotoDiscovery has been a delight. Great staff, well organized, fun places to travel. They do a great job of getting all the clients to interact and enjoy the event together. Will travel with them many times again.

Ken B., USA

Traveling with MotoDiscovery felt like exploring the world with a group of friends. Their warmth, combined with their deep knowledge of the regions, made every challenge worthwhile.

Anna L., Sweden

From bustling streets to serene landscapes, each day of the tour felt like a chapter from an adventure book. The MotoDiscovery team made every experience seamless and enriching.

Sophie T., UK

Memories for a lifetime. That's what MotoDiscovery gave me

Memories for a lifetime

What I loved most about MotoDiscovery was their knack for finding the perfect balance. Exploring unfamiliar terrains was exhilarating, yet I always felt comforted and secure. Their blend of adventure and luxury is truly unique.

Elena K., Russia

An unparalleled experience. MotoDiscovery's expertise shines in every journey they curate.

Carlos V., Brazil

MotoDiscovery's tour was an awakening for me. I discovered hidden terrains and experienced cultures so vibrant that I felt reborn. Every twist, every turn was a beautiful surprise.

Sarah M., California

I’ve always sought out unique travel experiences and MotoDiscovery delivered just that. It truly felt like a passport to experiential travel, opening doors to adventures I couldn't have dreamed of. From an off-road excursion to a bespoke tour crafted just for me, I was blown away by the level of personal service.

Samantha J., Toronto