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We set out to make the perfect sock. After two years of research, we found that Alpaca’s natural moisture-wicking fibers, superior softness, and incredible insulating properties vastly outperformed all other materials in the test.

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Alpaca’s unique hollow fibers and scale-like structure help to wick and repel moisture, leaving your feet feeling dry and comfortable all day long.

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Alpaca fibers have a hollow core that helps regulate temperature, making our socks so breathable that they can be worn year-round – keeping your feet cool in the heat or warm in the cold.

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The unbelievably soft and durable alpaca fibers provide superior comfort and cushion, helping to reduce fatigue and keep you on your feet longer.

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Dream. Plan. Ride.
ButlerMaps Inc was created by motorcyclists who run the gamut of enthusiasm. From young to old, road racer to casual cruiser, our unique team has had the pleasure of combining our varied backgrounds to create a map suitable for a any type of rider.
Though we come from different backgrounds, our passion for motorcycles is the common thread that fuels our campfire fodder and inspires our dream to share the best motorcycling roads we can find.

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Backcountry Discovery Routes is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization whose mission is to establish and preserve off-highway routes for dual-sport and adventure motorcycles. Through education, advocacy, and promotion of responsible motorcycle travel, BDR seeks to preserve backcountry motorcycling opportunities for generations to come.

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Rogue Moto, founded in 2013, guides the rider to be the hero of their own journey. Rogue provides purpose-built rental motorcycles, curated self-guided rides, expert guidance, and support vehicle systems.

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We build our gear to accompany you through the roughest terrain and craziest places you’d ever want to ride. It’s tough-as-nails and built to take a beating, and we stand behind it with a lifetime guarantee. We want you to ride harder, travel further, go deeper, and push your boundaries, whether riding the dirt close to home or exploring some far-flung region of the globe. See you there.

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Engineered for an upright riding position, with feet located directly below seat contact. Designed for both modern dual sport bikes, dirt bikes as well as classic bikes. Optimized to decrease irritation where the leg is positioned downward over the side of the seat.

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Established in 2012, Tackform is a Chicago based manufacturer of premium mounts for smartphones, tablets, and action cameras. We offer a wide range of pre-kitted mounts along with a full line of interchangeable components. We have a focused line of motorcycle, fleet and vehicle mounts. Interchangeable parts and components allow you to customize our pre-kitted mounts or build your own.

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Parts & accessories for adventure touring motorcycles like the BMW R1200GS, F800GS and KTM990. Largest selection of motorcycle GPS mounts, panniers, protection, tank bags, dry bags, camping gear, tools, books & DVDs.

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At KLIM we create the most technically advanced products in the world. By listening to our core-customers’ needs, utilizing unmatched innovation and service, leading with superior product knowledge, and constantly striving for excellence, our team delivers uncompromised quality. KLIM continually pushes, with unwavering commitment, to enhance your experience under the most demanding conditions. Trust KLIM.

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We built this platform that makes it easy to offset motorcycle CO2 emissions and go carbon negative. Going “carbon negative” means that you, the rider, purchase carbon offsets over and above what is needed to neutralise the CO2 footprint arising from your motorcycle riding. It’s about putting a little more back in than you take out.  The incremental cost to you to do so is minimal, but the cumulative effect of many riders doing so could be significant.

We love the sense that whilst enjoying the ride we’re also helping the fight against climate change, and we look forward to being part of a growing community who feel the same.

We have partnered with Carbonzero, who provides our carbon offsets.  MotoDiscovery is an active partner supporting Motorcycle Offsetters.