Our History

For over two decades, it has been our privilege to ride the roads less traveled, to embrace and be embraced by the peoples of foreign lands, and to be recognized worldwide for our innovation, our integrity and our mission of providing a very special experience for a special breed of individual. Please join us this season and help us create the next chapter of MotoDiscovery history!


Skip Mascorro organizes motorcycle tours to Mexico.

Skip Mascorro relocates from San Antonio to El Paso, Texas and begins to spread the word about motorcycle touring South of the Border. His first Mexico tour runs in early 1982.


The Gold Wing Road Riders Association and Wing World magazine sponsor our first Colonial Tour of Mexico.

PVMT entertains groups from New Zealand and Australia organizing rides through the American Southwest. Also this year we introduce several new tours including rides to the Yucatan and the still popular Baja & Copper Canyon Tour.


Our first “dual purpose” motorcycle tour is offered.

Recognizing the future of “dual purpose” adventure touring, the first Copper Canyon Expedition runs in Old Mexico. Pancho Villa gets dirty!


Ed Culberson joins PVMT.

Ed Culberson (along with his R80GS “Amigo,” that now sits in a place of honor in the museum at the BMW manufacturing plant in Greenville, South Carolina) joins the PVMT staff team. Ed was recognized as the first to travel the entire length of the Pan American Highway, including the jungles of the Darien Gap, and was the author of “Obsessions Die Hard.”


PVMT runs its first women-only tour.

PVMT begins to successfully run a series of For Women Only tours to Mexico raising awareness of the growing involvement women have in motorcycling.


PVMT runs two USA to the Panama Canal tours!

Two back-to-back tours are conducted from the USA, through Mexico and Central America to and from the Panama Canal.


Costa Rica is added as a Fly-n-Ride destination.

PVMT again pioneers new territory!


We reach the tip of South America!

With the help of PVMT researcher and world traveler Frank Campbell, PVMT undertakes a lengthy one-month expedition from Santiago, Chile to the tip of South America at Tierra del Fuego.


Norwegian globe rider, Helge Pedersen

(author & photographer of Ten Years on Two Wheels) lends his world travel expertise to the success of the Tierra del Fuego project as staff.


An exploration of Incan South America is offered.

The lure of the ancient Inca civilization again has PVMT riding in South America, this time through the high Andes and Altiplano of Peru and Bolivia… Destination, Machu Picchu.


Skip Mascorro speaks at the Art of the Motorcycle exhibit.

Skip Mascorro, PVMT founder, is invited as a guest speaker at the Field Museum of Chicago on the subject of motorcycle touring in conjunction with the Art of the Motorcycle exhibit.


PVMT is on television.

Speedvision Cable Network, hosted by Dave Despain, runs a two-part series on Pancho Villa Moto-Tours in the Copper Canyon.


PVMT becomes MotoDiscovery.


MotoDiscovery runs its first 30 day Turkey Expedition.

Also, a full program of tours in Asia is added to the list of exotic destinations offered by MotoDiscovery.


MotoDiscovery Rides in Iran

It was a time of political tension and intrigue. A group of 13 Americans ride from Turkey into the Islamic Republic of Iran, a ground breaking and somewhat controversial event.


Venice to Istanbul, The Orient Express Tour

Another MotoDiscovery Recon ride proves to be highly successful adding European Union countries to our growing list of riding destinations.