MotoDiscovery Joins a Worldwide Carbon Neutral Effort

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MotoDiscovery Travelling in the beautiful Copper Canyon Mexico

We have joined up with Motorcycle Offsetters to gain a Carbon Negative status for all our tours.

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“For us, riding motorcycles is about freedom, movement and positivity.  It’s about soaking in the landscapes and sharing life’s adventure with others.”

We are actively offsetting Carbon for all bikes on our tours by 150% making us not only neutral on the carbon emissions but negative, we are removing more carbon from the air than we are producing by riding our motorcycles.

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Carbon offsetting is an increasingly important topic for all businesses, including motorcycle travel companies. By offsetting carbon emissions, we can help to mitigate the effects of climate change and promote sustainable development. We have calculated the average number of miles, bikes and support vehicle for each tour and purchased carbon offset to cover all our travel and 50% extra for good measure, making us Carbon Negative.

You might be asking yourself as a lot of us do, How does this work?
Going “carbon negative” means that MotoDiscovery purchases carbon offsets over and above what is needed to neutralise the CO2 footprint arising from motorcycle all our tours. The incremental cost to the rider with Motodiscovery is none, this is our passion and we cover the cost.

Looking forward, our hope is that the cumulative effect of millions of riders joining our effort will make a difference to our beautiful planet. Carbon extraction and offsetting has been achieved through our partners at Carbonzero.

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Copper Canyon 2022

Carbon offsets are essentially the commodity that is generated by an emissions reduction project that would not have otherwise taken place without carbon financing, and thus achieves the requirement of being “additional” with respect to emissions reductions. With our purchase of carbon offsets, the dollars associated with the transaction ensure the proponent’s project that generates emissions reductions continues to be viable over the project’s lifecycle.

For MotoDiscovery and our tour guests, the benefits of negative carbon offsetting can be numerous. First, by offsetting emissions from our motorcycles, we can help to reduce their overall carbon footprint. And by being carbon negative, we can make a direct impact on the environment and help to slow down the effects of climate change, such as rising sea levels, extreme weather events, loss of biodiversity and economic impacts.

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Beautiful coastline of southern Mexico

We travel to some amazing places and are privileged to enjoy some of the most beautiful areas on our planet. The importance of making sure we can continue sharing that with the motorcycle community is very important to us!

Further, when high quality carbon offset projects are created, there are often a series of social co-benefits in the communities where the offset project is located. Social co-benefits may include education opportunities, air quality improvements, or job creation. The ongoing support and renewal of the carbon offset projects as a result of your purchase not only ensure emissions reductions from the projects continue but also that the social co-benefits associated with the projects remain in place.

Further Information

The Motorcycle Offsetters and MotoDiscovery Portfolio of Projects
Afognak Forest Carbon Project
Registry extract:

Niagara Escarpment Forest Carbon Project
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NL Climate & Ecosystems Conservancy Project
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