Istanbul to Venice Premium Riding Holiday

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Istanbul to Venice
When it comes to stylish romantic riding holidays, the Istanbul to Venice Tour sets the gold standard for unique premium European touring. It’s a one-of-a-kind riding experience.
Will you join us?

May 10-27, 2023   Our journey begins in magical Istanbul. You can feel the heartbeat of the ages as you meander the ancient streets of this city along the Bosphorus Strait, nautical gateway to the Black Sea.  Turkey has long been a MotoDiscovery favorite, enchanting our riders here for decades.
Quick Overview
–  May 10 – 27, 2023. Perfect time for riding Europe.
–  Turkey, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Italy
–  2,100 miles
– 18 days /17 nights
–  fresh BMW 1250 and 750GS motorcycles
–  multilingual staff
–  support van carries the luggage
–  exquisite dining
–  private guided cultural tours
–  superb accommodations
–  an easy paced itinerary
–  Istanbul, Vienna, Dubrovnik, Venice, Budapest, Salzburg, Dalmatian Coast
–  legendary personal MotoDiscovery service.

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The ride along the Dalmatian Coast will have us landing for two nights in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The stone streets and alleys of this city on the Adriatic Sea beg to be explored.
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The pinnacle peaks of Meteora, Greece provide a fortress like seclusion for the monks cloistered in a number of Greek Orthodox monasteries dating back to as early as Byzantine 14th century.

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Budapest, Hungary. Through the ages, empires from the time of the Romans, through 150 years of Ottoman rule, and the heavy hand of the USSR, have left their mark. Art, a notable cuisine and gothic architecture will make this stop along the famed Orient Express, one to remember.

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Crossing from Austria into the Dolomite regions of Italy offers riding nirvana. The high alpine road known as Grossglockner Pass is a highlight along the road from Istanbul to Venice.

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Your ultimate destination will be the romantic canals of Venice where during the 9th through 12th centuries, it held dominance as the greatest maritime empire of the Old World. You will marvel at its Gothic and Renaissance palaces. This tour inclusion is unique to MotoDiscovery. We do it in style!
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How Does MotoDiscovery do it? The genius of a team!     When it comes to our projects in this part of the world, it starts with a unique collaboration born out of friendship, a shared passion to create unique motorcycling experiences, and a devotion to those we serve. The dynamic chemistry of “Kaz” Uzunoglu of Kazoom Moto-Adventures (“The Turk“) and Skip Mascorro of MotoDiscovery (“The Texan“) have since 2004, energized the crafting of numerous highly imaginative riding adventures in and out of Istanbul. The Caspian Sea, the remote Caucuses Mountains of Russia and Georgia, Dagestan, Circumnavigation of the Black Sea, Mega-Tours of Turkey, Iran, Greece, and one of our favorites, Istanbul to Venice. The Orient Express!
For nearly two decades, this union of quiet giants in the industry, has generated a loyal following, one that anxiously awaits the next announcement of a new creation…. by the Texan and the Turk!
So, stay tuned. We’re spinning the globe again with fresh adventures to be announced. We hope you’ll join us soon.

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