MotoDiscovery offers tours in three basic categories:

Road Tour - This category identifies MotoDiscovery motorcycle tours that are intended to be purely on paved surfaces and can easily be piloted by any experienced motorcycle touring enthusiast on any style and design of motorcycle including side cars and trikes.

Light Adventure - This category of MotoDiscovery motorcycle tour is likely to involve at least some unpaved surfaces that can be navigated easily by cars and other vehicles. Dual purpose (on-off road) motorcycles are most suitable for this environment and having prior off road riding experience is suggested. No single track.

High Adventure - This category of MotoDiscovery motorcycle tour is a mix of paved and unpaved roads however heavily biased to touring off road and demands a dual purpose (on-off road) motorcycle equipped with tires having a more aggressive tread pattern for off road traction. Prior off road riding experience is essential. No single track. In addition to prior off road riding experience the riders physical condition, riding skills, and tolerance to more primitive and possibly unpredictable travel scenarios may be tested.

MotoDiscovery has a generous and reasonable refund and cancellation policy. There are variations depending on the tour. Please go to this link for exact details.

See: Refund and Cancellation Policy.

Occasionally you will see a tour also designated as a Recon. Some refer to these inaugural first time events as “scouting tours”. While it may be our first run of a tour, these events are exhaustively researched and packed with value. In fact if you want to sign up for a Recon, you had better act fast as those in the know will move quickly to be a pioneer on a MotoDiscovery Recon.

You may have the motorcycle, the passport and the desire to see the world. But do you have the riding skills and knowledge to do it safely and with confidence? The MotoDiscovery Training Tour concept is unique in that you will learn valuable riding skills in an actual touring environment. While a weekend course is better than nothing, a MotoDiscovery Training Tour offers the education and the application, actually using what you’ve learned, building gradually your “tool box” of physical and mental skills, and having fun doing it! Small groups, individual attention and the excitement of an adventure ride rolled into one.

Yes. The function is to provide added comfort and service to the group. The vehicle has the capacity to transport at least one motorcycle.

Catastrophic mechanical failures are very rare. Sound prevention and good mechanical preparation limit exposure to inconvenient breakdowns. MotoDiscovery will make every attempt and use what ever resources at our disposal to get your bike where it needs to be. We almost always accomplish this goal You should be advised that we can not make a blanket guarantee in every country where we travel that the support vehicle will transport your broken bike back to the border or to a place of your preference. There are scenarios where this would be an impractical expectation. Logistics, limitations of space, equipment, the distances and the need to service the group as a whole are factors that enter into the final decisions that are made by staff on this issue. Should for any reason we exhaust all options and are unable to transport the bike for an extended period of time, we must make it clear that costs related to transport of that motorcycle will be born by the owner, not MotoDiscovery.

  • Yes but please read this carefully. We happily carry your luggage on all Mexico Road Tours and our shorter Expeditions. It is preferred that it be of the soft variety and that you pack creatively in order to reduce the size and amount you bring with you. We'll assist in finding laundry service as required.

    EXCEPTIONS: There are certain tours where we do not carry luggage. They include our lengthy South America Expeditions and the Rio Grande to Panama Canal tours. These tours are roughly a month in duration. We also will carry any purchases on a space available basis. If you have any question with regards to this policy please contact us.


On all tours, MotoDiscovery does not consider the quality or availability of fuel to be of concern.

This question come up more and more. While MotoDiscovery's foundations lie in motorcycle travel, we are also avid promoters of overland adventures: international and domestic travel via well-equiped, expedition-ready 4x4 vehicles. Please contact us with your travel preferences and we will work hard to provide a travel experience that fits your needs whether on a motorcycle or in the driver's seat of a comfortable, adventure-worthy 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Quality dining is an important MotoDiscovery trademark. We like to eat so you won't find us cutting any corners here! When practical our preference is to not dine at the hotel and to extend to you a la carte (off the menu) selections. Due to the nature of where we often travel, the unfamiliarity with the cuisine and the ability to be provided good service, there will be occasions where the staff will order for you, other occasions it will be "family style" dining. We have actually found this to be well received. If one has any special dietary need we have historically been able to address them satisfactorily. Please advise us in advance. With only occasional exceptions, we will be providing all breakfasts and dinners on travel days. On those occasions where we are laying over for a second or third night, you will be responsible for providing your own meals on those days. You will find a MotoDiscovery dining experience to be a pleasurable one.

Note that we do not classify our accommodation selection with star rating. It is an inconsistent and misleading system that may create the wrong expectations. We attempt to find the best available accommodations wherever we travel. We have dusted off our boots in some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. We've also stayed in some pretty rustic places when the itinerary and route demanded it. We take pride in our selection of accommodations seeking properties with character, comfort, good service, security and access to points of interest. Quality accommodations are important to us because we know it is important to you.

At the core of our philosophy is the importance of sharing with you the history, the culture and traditions of the lands we travel. For this reason we have long said that often "the best part of a MotoDiscovery ride has nothing to do with a motorcycle." When and where the opportunity presents itself we will include museums, archeological sights and activities that will enrich the travel experience.

When you have as much experience as we do, the answer to this is easy. YES!

We attempt to provide you all the tools to allow you to comfortably travel at a pace that YOU want to travel. Forget about the next rider. We encourage independence yet make ourselves available to serve you as needed. Information in the way of good maps, GPS waypoints when available, instructional briefings contributes to a free flowing tour that is not about being herded from one point to the next.

This tool is growing in popularity and we are stepping up our efforts to provide waypoints and data for all of our tours & expeditions. It is a work in progress. One can always function without GPS. Any waypoints that we have will only be provided at tour time and not sooner.

We have a limit of 18 people (not necessarily bikes) per tour, plus staff. The average is actually around 10-12 persons per tour. Rider training tours are smaller with a limit of 9 people to facilitate personal one on one instruction. One can expect a mix of singles and couples, women solo riders and a broad demographic range.

Yes of course! We invite non riding participants to travel in the support vehicles at anytime. The charge will be the same as a passenger price.

All tours are booked double occupancy which means two people to a room. If you are coming solo we will attempt to find a room mate for you. The only guarantee that you will have a room mate is if you bring one along. If you choose to have your own room there will always be a single supplement fee.

If for any reason we are unable to find you a room mate you will be in a single room and therefore charged the supplement. No exceptions! These circumstances are beyond our control; however, we will do what ever possible to spare you of the additional expense.

This is not an unusual request especially on longer tours. We will consult you on the best fly in and out locations and where your guest is likely to most enjoy linking up with you and the group. You'll be advised in advance of the price for your guest to join the group.

MotoDiscovery operates tours during what we consider to be optimum climate conditions. Of course this is motorcycle touring and there can be no guarantees. We urge you to research climate conditions and histories at informative websites.

Internet Resource: Weather Underground

MotoDiscovery has a growing access to quality rental motorcycles. For our Mexico tours it is practical for many to consider bringing their own. On our lengthy South America Expeditions you actually have the option to ship your personal bike. In the case of our Europe and Asia program we naturally include the rentals. If you are pondering whether to use your bike, ship it or to rent call us and we'll gladly discuss the options.

Unless there are exceptions we are not aware of, your vehicle insurance policy will not be acceptable in a foreign country. In the case of Mexico, reasonably priced coverage is available. Other countries have their specific requirements all of which is articulated in the pre-tour information packet.eo.

This is another common request. For our Mexico departures we will assist in finding you a place to keep your vehicles for the duration of the tour. In most cases it is free. In some cases an RV park or storage facility will charge a reasonable fee for secure parking. If it is convenient for you, the MotoDiscovery office north of San Antonio, Texas has spacious storage at no charge for our guests.

Federal Companies has provided favorable service to MotoDiscovery and our clients for years. For quotes and information call 1(800) 747-4100 ext #214 or #217. Our office will assist in providing you with drop off points and other details on request.

Internet Resource: Federal Companies

This is a general description however we normally do not include emergency medical evacuation insurance (recommended), trip cancellation insurance, airfares unless specifically noted and alcoholic beverages. Tips are covered only for hosted meals. Tips for staff, special luggage or hotel services are not included.

MotoDiscovery encourages use of versatile, impact protective, weather and abrasion proof riding gear. Helmets are required. This subject is addressed in detail in our pre-tour information packet along with recommended suppliers and resources.

You can expect between 45-60 days prior to the event to receive a comprehensive packet that will address all your preparation needs. Insurance, document requirements, packing, what kind of gear to wear, hotel list, finances, rendezvous information and bike preparations are among the topics addressed. Some events you will get your packets even sooner due to the time sensitivity of the information.

Get a passport. Soon passports will be mandatory for almost all international travel. Keep in mind that processing times have grown so if you need a passport, extra pages or a renewal, don't wait too long. If you have a passport check to see that it is current. It is advisable to have at least six months remaining as this is a requirement that can be enforced in some countries. If you will be traveling in a number of countries be certain that you have available pages.

Internet Resource: US Department of State

Since Mexico is a major destination for MotoDiscovery, we provide here what you will need to ride a motorcycle into the country.

  • An original title or an original registration in the name of the operator of the vehicle. Either one will do as long as it is an original. No copies.
  • A passport
  • Drivers license
  • A credit card NOT a debit card, and it must be in your name. This is to accommodate charges of approximately $40 US for importation permit.
  • All people entering Mexico need a passport. There will also be a fee per person for obtaining the tourist permit, roughly $30. US.

All countries have specific regulations for specific nationalities. For US citizens you do not need to obtain any visas in advance of entry into Mexico. But this may not be true for other nationalities. MotoDiscovery will advise you of any special visa or document requirements however you are urged to obtain through readily available internet sources, the exact requirements for your nationality to travel in the country or countries schedules on the tour.

Internet Resource: US Department of State, Visas Information

Customized, private tours make up a large part of our services each season. Motorcycle dealerships, families, clubs, or just a group of riding amigos can qualify for a private riding event. We can run them with two or twenty people. They are ideal in that we can precisely target your specific needs and requirements. Hotel selections? Duration? Dates? Inclusions? Routings? These are all elements that you can have a say in. From budget to over the top luxury, we enjoy the challenge of overcoming logistical issues and providing the ultimate and intimate riding experience that comes with a private tour. Call us for consultation. For more information go to our Custom Private Motorcycle Tours page.

Now! Here's why. We've been experiencing a trend where people are waiting too long to make commitments. The result? We are having to cancel the date because we need lead time to prepare for a quality event. In some cases just the opposite has occurred where the demand was so high that the date is sold out early. Our deposit requirements are minimal, our refund policy extremely generous so why not commit and know that you'll be riding an adventure with MotoDiscovery real soon...and tell all your friends to join you! Please don't delay. Sign up today.

You can sign up right now on line by going to the tour page and clicking the Book Now button which will direct you to our secure RESERVATION PAGE. Maybe you have a few questions. We can answer your questions and take the information on the phone to process your reservation. If desired we can FAX or mail you a reservation form to fill out and return with a check or credit card information. Easy!