Exciting news about Iceland for summer 2023: We are going, and it will be amazing!!!

Look for our announcement in the coming days. But the word is getting out and we are already taking reservations. We’re going to Iceland!

To kick off the MotoDiscovery Iceland program, we will be offering a more off-road intensive Iceland tour. For a tour better suited for couples as well as singles, a more pavement-oriented ride is also being crafted that will have the premium qualities well known to MotoDiscovery devotees. Two distinct tours for the international touring enthusiast.

MotoDiscovery is inspired to bring this new destination to our lineup with a new member joining the team. Siggi Ragnar, a native of Iceland, will be piloting the program as he takes on a position with the company as co-owner and Managing Partner. This will no doubt provide an opportunity for riders with MotoDiscovery to gain a unique look at Iceland through the eyes of a really dedicated and invested staff team.

Contact MotoDiscovery at siggi@motodiscovery.com or call +(830) 438-7744 and learn more about our offerings to ride Iceland in 2023.

Midnight twilight in Iceland, Sumer solstice iceland