And the Ride Continues. A 40 Year Odyssey.

This was to be a year to bust the pinata. 2021 was to be a grand celebration of four decades riding the roads of the world and sharing them with so many. The global pandemic didn’t spoil the party. Like the rest of the world, we just had to put it off for a little while. If anything, forty years in the motorcycle touring business has given us a powerful resilience and fortitude. Like so much of what we do, “it is just part of the adventure”!

It is a time of nostalgic reflection for us. Organized foreign motorcycle tours were a novel and new concept back in 1981. You could literally count on one hand the number of motorcycle tour companies in the world. In our case, we just hit the roads of Old Mexico and started a company called Pancho Villa Moto-Tours. We soon attracted a loyal following who inspired us to head further south beyond Mexico. Pancho Villa Moto-Tours pioneered through Central and South America with many rides taking on a more expedition character. It was the beginning of the adventure touring movement. We weren’t just part of it, we were creating it.

As our exploits took us further beyond Mexico, our identity of Pancho Villa Moto-Tours was retired in 2001, a fresh branding that better reflected our course was in order and MotoDiscovery was born. MotoDiscovery. It says it all.

Throughout our evolution we can claim many landmark tours and events. Our connection with Mexico blossomed as we started in the 1980’s to introduce to the world the remote regions of the Sierra Madres, a relatively unheard of area known as the Copper Canyon. In the 1990’s we launched “mega” rides to the Panama Canal, and back. South America was a fresh discovery as well. These tours would be logistically intensive rides in excess of a month in duration, a bold new approach to immersion adventure touring.

Our early recognition of women riders with our first all women tour of Mexico in 1991 is a tradition we proudly maintain to this day. The 2006 journey into the Islamic Republic of Iran was controversial, yet proved for the dozen men and women on that tour, to defy all perceptions. In 2012 we were the only company to be awarded by the US Treasury and Foreign Assets Control, certification to legally
offer to Americans, people to people motorcycle tours of Cuba. To balance out our adventure oriented offerings, during this time we created a series of premium motorcycle tours to satisfy the most discriminating of tastes. These upscale events showcase our level of genuine concierge service and set the bar even higher when it comes to stylish motorcycling experiences.
We’ve been gifted with so many rewards over the last forty years. Those casual beautiful encounters along the way with people of diverse cultures, the natural beauty of the planet, riding great roads and even the challenges that come with motorcycling in sometimes less than developed lands, are a flood of memories that come with the collective travels of millions of miles on motorcycles with thousands of people to the far corners of the globe. To have had a hand in sharing these experiences has been a privilege.
This incredible journey could never have been possible without the unwavering support of Nancy, my wife and partner. I knew she loved motorcycles the first time I took her for a ride on my Harley, so it was little surprise that, with no contribution from me, she bought a used Honda 500 four cylinder bike, learned to ride it…and then we got married! We would travel the world together over the years, but in between there were many weeks and months where she would soldier on, running the business at home and raising a son while I was away conducting tours. Nancy personifies the expression that, “behind every good man is a good woman.” She made the MotoDiscovery dream a reality.

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Over the years we’ve also enjoyed the dedication of many great men and women who served us as motorcycle tour leaders, support vehicle drivers, guides and partners in foreign lands. They have rewarded us, and those whom they served, with a genuine and caring level of service that we consider to be unique to MotoDiscovery. Only time, experience and an unbridled imagination can create such magic, and in that regard, we are unrivaled. The current team at MotoDiscovery, all exemplary, stand on the shoulders of many great individuals who over the last four decades have made contributions, large and small.
To those with whom we have shared the road, we greatly value your patronage and support. You, our riding guests, our friends and fellow motorcycle adventurers, are the reason we carry on. You put the wind in our sails and keep us going. What a joy to serve you all these years.
Our legacy continues to grow. As we see our way beyond the great pandemic that has besieged us, 2021 has shown us that the obstacle is the way, and we are even more optimistic and excited about the years ahead. Motorcycle touring has evolved, and we are evolving with it. That is the challenge we embrace. It’s what we’ve done… since 1981!
I’ve always said that MotoDiscovery is a small company that accomplishes big things. And, for you, we’ll continue to do just that. Thanks again for the gift of sharing the road with you for forty fantastic, frolicking, adventurous and memorable years…and the ride continues!
Skip Mascorro

& the MotoDiscovery Team

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