Welcome to the World of MotoDiscovery

Our story begins in 1981. The idea was a simple one; run a few tours into Old Mexico and do what we could to tear away at the myths and reveal the magic of a land that we had grown to love. We called ourselves Pancho Villa Moto-Tours back then, a name still fondly revered by many who have shared the roads of Mexico with us over the years. But with those early successes also grew a confidence to utilize our well-learned lessons and seek out even more distant lands. Through Central and South America we tackled new challenges, and in time, established ourselves as innovators in the world of international motorcycle travel.

In 2003 we retired the Pancho Villa name in favor of one that more effectively demonstrated our vision and who we are. MotoDiscovery was born and today more than ever, we continue to “spin the globe” not only seeking new destinations but doing it in a fashion that continues to be authentic, occasionally edgy, always exciting and constantly on a path to elevate quality to meet the discriminating demands of today’s international motorcycle traveler. Adventure in style is what we are about, but even as we approach our third decade, we still are committed to keeping it real. That is as important to us as we know it is important to you.

Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about us. MotoDiscovery is a team of extremely proud multinational men and women who are uniquely qualified to serve and make your motorcycling experience one to remember. We hope to share a road with you someplace soon.

Skip Mascorro


We welcome your calls and communications and the opportunity to satisfy all your international motorcycling travel needs and desires. References are gladly provided on request.